Why You Can’t Afford to Not Cough up the Change for Dog or Cat Insurance Costs



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It goes without saying that pets are more than just animals that people own; they’re literally part of the family. Animals provide a level of unconditional love, trust, and comfort that’s unlike anything else in the world. Everyone can relate to the feeling of coming home after a long, hard day only to be greeted by the love of your pet. They don’t care what you’re wearing. What you look like. How bad you messed up at work. How much money you have or don’t have. In the loving eyes of your pet, none of that matters!

As such, it only makes sense to want to take care of your pet in the best way possible. Aside from providing them socialization, play, love, a health diet, and adequate exercise, pet insurance is the best form of animal care that you can provide. If you have health insurance for yourself and your family, and pets are a big part of your family, then it only makes sense to have the same kind of medical coverage for our loving pet or pets.

Although many pet owners are quick to scrutinize the ingredients in their pets food before choosing a quality product, are proactive in ensuring their pet is up to date with their vaccinations and medication, and are careful to make sure their pet has all the toys they need, most pet owners are reluctant to purchase pet wellness plans. In fact, according to a recent study by the American Pet Products Association’s Pet Owners Survey, a mere 4% of dog owners and a shocking 1% of cat owners are willing to cough up dog and cat insurance costs.

The unconditional love, devotion, and commitment that pet owners provide is priceless, so wouldn’t it only make sense to pay the price for dog and cat insurance costs? Doing so is one of the best forms of pet care you can provide as a pet owner!

Here are a few other reasons why dog and cat insurance costs are well worth the cost.

When you can’t afford the cost of veterinary treatment

Modern day life is expensive and even though it’s well worth the cost, owning a pet can only add to that expense. As such, most pet owners view dog and cat insurance costs as just another monthly expense that they simply can’t afford. But in reality, pet owners can’t afford to not cough up the cash for dog and cat insurance costs! This is especially true when it comes to a sudden illness or accident that puts your pet’s life on the line. In cases such as this, you’d regret not giving up your daily coffee and saving that money to put towards pet health insurance. Keep in mind that the majority of dog and cat insurance costs are very affordable, with some costing as little as $20 a month.

When the risk of injury or illness is high

Most pets live comfortable lives indoors but others may be more wild than others. And in some cases, animals can be both pets and working animals. If a pet spends the majority of its time outdoors, the risk for injury or illness is higher, especially if the animal is also a working animal. In that case, dog and cat insurance costs are well worth it.

When peace of mind is more important than cost

Some things are in life are simply priceless and the health and well being of your pet should be one of those things. The peace of mind that pet health insurance provides is absolutely priceless. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you can take your pet to any veterinarian for treatment and knowing that the cost of their treatment will be partially if not totally cared for. And unlike health insurance for people, any pet, regardless of age, breed, or health condition, is eligible for coverage.

When you have a breed that’s prone to certain health conditions

Some breeds of dogs and cats are more susceptible to certain illnesses and conditions than others. Carrying pet insurance can ensure that when the time comes, your pet is cared for.

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