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Learn More About Horses and Helpful Therapy Products

Horse riding is a popular activity within the United States. It’s been estimated that seven million individuals ride horses every year. While some people may do so to relax and enjoy the outdoors, others perform or otherwise show their horses in a variety of amateur and professional competitions.

A Few Facts About Horses

A horse’s weight may vary and depend on a variety of factors. It’s interesting to note that this can be as much as 2,200 pounds. There are both domestic and non-domestic horses within this country. For example, there are roughly 400 different breeds of domestic horses, which are classified as grazers. More than 400 years ago, horses were brought here from Europe. One of the descendants of these horses is the North American Mustang, which is not considered to be a domestic horse.

Injuries That Can Occur With Horses

When a horse has experienced an injury, one of the first indications may be their posture. A horse might, for example, shift its weight from side-to-side. Other indicators that a horse has sustained an injury include its refusing to move or bear the weight of a saddle and/or rider.

Bowed tendons are just one type of issue that can occur with horses. The cause of this may be due to chronic stress or an injury. While the time to fully heal will vary, it may take as much as eight to 11 months.

Learn More About Therapy Products for Horses

There are a variety of products that you may be interested in, such as a therapy blanket for horses. In addition to a therapy blanket for horses, you may want to know more about these and other products:

  • Horse blanket liner
  • Horse hock boots
  • Horse leg boots
  • Horse shoulder guard

Since you want your horse to be as comfortable as possible, you can discuss his or her needs with a representative. At that time, you will be able to ask specific questions and gain more valuable information about therapy products for horses. It’s also a good idea to learn more about these products for future reference and to share information with fellow horse owners, family and friends.

Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Emotional Support Animal

It is no doubt that from a psychological perspective, pets have been found to uplift people’s spirits-especially those with emotional or mental disorders. The challenge however is that certain communities, workplaces and even when trying to fly with your pet, you encounter some restrictions as such tendencies are not allowed. Fortunately, people with emotional disorders can legally qualify for certified emotional support animal. Your emotional status must first be certified by a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist before you can enjoy the rights of esa owners. So what is an esa letter? First, the letter must be drafted by a metal health medical practitioner and should be written on the professional’s letterhead that includes the license, license number, date of issuance and the licensing state. Other important details include the date of issuance of the letter to the patient. Below are the steps for qualifying for an esa letter.

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Horses and House Pets Play Important Roles in the Lives of Many Families

Even in a time when the economy seems to be struggling, there are two constants that remain successful. In fact, there is a piece of humor that says the two things that will always sell: items for the elderly and for pets. From mobility items that help people get where they want and remain in their own homes to the horse leg braces that are needed to keep show horses comfortable while they are healing from an injury, there are many ways industries supply the most needed items.

Riding helmets for equestrian lovers to neck therapy products for the horses themselves, the market for large and small animal products is extensive. In fact, most households in the U.S. have at least one pet. For this reason there are an increasing number of large and small pet product that drive a thriving part of the economy.

What Are You Doing to Make Sure That Your Family Pet Feels Pampered?
From therapeutic blankets for horses to therapeutic dog beds, there are many products that can keep even the oldest pets safe and comfortable. For instance, with the use of horse leg braces to help an animal that has been an important part of your life it is possible to make sure that you are doing all that you can for those furry friends that you love.

Horses can weight up to 2,200 pounds, so when one of these animals is injured it takes a lot of time and energy to help them heal. This is the reason that there are so many products that have been developed to help these animals. Interestingly enough, some of the same products that are used to help elderly patients heal and recover from their injuries have been adapted to help horses and other large animals as well. In the same way that support braces can help a human patient recover from a twisted knee, support socks and other products can help horses recover as well.

We may live in challenging economic times, but if current trends are any indicator, it is likely that two kinds of products will continue to sell well: those that help the elderly and those that help our pets. Two growing markets that show no signs of slowing down anytime in the near future.

How To Care For An Ailing Pet

Owning a pet can be an amazing experience. For the typical pet owner here in the United States, pets bring a considerable amount of joy. They can also give you companionship and friendship as well, factors that convince many people to get one. Dogs in particular are common, especially labs, who have been the most popular dog for five years now. In total, nearly half of all homes in the United States (very nearly 45% of them, to be a little bit more exact) have a dog of some breed, and many homes will even have more than one dog or more than one pet in general.

While owning a dog is certainly a wonderful experience, there are most definitely many responsibilities that are part and parcel to responsible and loving pet ownership. Feeding your dog the best food possible, for instance, and ensuring that they don’t over eat is part of it. Providing them with plenty of exercise and movement – especially for certain breeds of dogs, usually larger ones – is also essential and will even he Continue Reading →

Take care of your dog just as you would your children at all hours of the day

Is your pet pooch your entire world? Do you take pride in the fact that you’re a pet parent? If you are than perhaps you already know the secrets to keeping your pets happy even during your busy days when you’re spending your life at work instead of at home caring for them and taking care of their every needs. Perhaps you already know that a pet daycare and grooming company can be of service to making sure that your pet doesn’t ever feel like they’ve been abandoned or left alone. In fact, a good pet daycare and grooming company can make your pet feel as if they are children going to school to play with their friends.

In the beginning for you doggy daycare may have seemed like a silly option to even so much as consider. The truth is however, your typical dog is as smart as a two year old child. Considering that you wouldn’t leave your child unattended without someone watching them, why should leaving your favorite pup alone even be a consideration? Daycare for pets means that your Continue Reading →

Does Your Pet Love or Hate Halloween Time?

Now that the holiday that celebrates both tricks and treats is finally over, there are many pet owners who are dealing with the both the struggle and the joy of Halloween. If you are the fortunate owner of a dog that lets you dress him or her up in the most adorable of costumes, then you are likely a little sad to put all of the Halloween finery away. If, however, you are a dog owner who has a pet that stresses every time the doorbell rings or someone walks in front of the house, you are likely ready for a more calm first week of November.
If you believe everything that you see on the internet you might be tempted to think that every single dog is just dying to don a frilly frock or funky fedora and parade around. In fact, by the number of adorable Halloween pet videos that have been posted in the last month, you might feel like even your feline needs to up her game. For every pet who is posing for the camera, however, there are many more who want nothing to do with any kind of cos Continue Reading →

Animal Testing Procedures Are Important to the Food Industry of this Nation

Food tasting safety companies provide a valuable service. In a rather strange comparison, heartworm tests also serve an important service. In fact, both humans and animals rely on scientific studies and equipment to make sure that they are able to stay healthy. Veterinary laboratory services and medical research facilities provide the necessary testing to make sure that you are able to keep yourself, and your pets as healthy as possible.
From heartworm test kits to the clinical diagnostics laboratories that are full of researchers and scientists who provide important services to the entire country. In fact some of the latest food safety testing labs play an essential role in the economy of the entire nation. If people can be secure in the knowledge that the food that they are eating is safe, there are var Continue Reading →

What Are the Advantages of Doing the Heartworm Antigen Test at Home?

Pet owners love their furry friends and and want the best for them. But the hardest part of taking care of your pets can be getting them to the vet. They seem to have an uncanny sixth sense that tells them when they’re going to the vet of to the beach or a farm picnic. Dogs will get the shivers and be miserable, and cats will hide. But there are times when veterinary clinical diagnostics are needed, for example to test whether your dog has heartworm. Home tests for dogs can bypass all the hassle, and speed up getting the treatment that Fido needs to go on being his healthy, cheerful self.

What are heartworms?
Heartworms are parasitic worms that live in the blood vessels in the lungs and the heart. They are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito and affect about thirty species. If left untreated, heartworms can Continue Reading →

The Virtues of Pets and Two Kinds

Cancer treatment for pets tucson

Pets are a wonderful addition to most any home where the owners will take care of them, provide them with food, not train them to attack people, and generally treat them with some kindness and appreciate for their well-being. There are millions of homes in the United States that have dogs or cats as pets in their homes.

Nearly 39 million households in the United States own cats. And the number of people who own dogs runs about 60 or 70 million, according to one statistics. Americans treasure their pets, treating them as part of the family, feeding them good meals and making sure they have all the things they need.

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend.” Dogs are generally happy and fun creatures to be around. They run around, jump on things, get taken for walks, chew on things, i Continue Reading →

Tips for New Cat Owners

Plans for pet insurance

You are the new owner of a pet cat or as some would say, the cat is the new owner of you. Owning a cat can be very entertaining, worthwhile, and comforting. Cats have a way of showing their personalities, while also giving you the attention and relaxation that you need. In addition to the rewarding factors that a cat provides you with, you are also responsible for caring for your cat. Cats require the following types of care.

Food and water
You might be surprised at how often you are purchasing cat food now. Even when it doesn?t seem like your cat is eating extra, you find that the cat food bag is empty a lot. Additionally, purchasing any bag of cat food is not enough. Cat?s foods should be catered to their specific needs. A kitten, for example, will need a different Continue Reading →

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