How to Prepare Your Home for a New Dog



Adopting a family pet can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are an animal lover by nature and simply feel happy whenever you are around them. Once you and your family decide to adopt a pet, you will need to take the time to prepare your home for a new dog. Knowing how to properly prepare your home for a new dog will ensure a safe and protected environment while minimizing the risks of losing personal belongings or even potential accidents and injuries. When you prepare your home for a new dog, you can begin looking for a canine companion who is truly right for you and your family.

Clean Your Drains

When you want to prepare your home for a new dog, you can do so by inspecting the existing systems you currently have in place. Cleaning your drains and ensuring your home’s plumbing is up-to-date is essential to keep your home in working order, regardless of the type of pet you choose to adopt. Maintaining your home’s drains year-round is highly advisable to minimize the risk of potential sewer issues, backups, and in some cases, even floods.

If you are thinking of cleaning your drains before bringing a new dog into the home, you can begin searching for a local commercial drain cleaning company. Local drain cleaning companies understand the ins and outs of the sewer systems in the area. They also understand most of the standard setups that are already in place, in both residential and commercial properties.

Have a Comfortable Home

If you are committed to prepare your home for a new dog, you should attempt to make your home as welcoming and comfortable as possible. This is especially important if you choose to adopt a dog who has been abused, neglected, or harmed in any way in the past. The more welcoming and comforting a home feels to a dog, the easier it will be for them to become adjusted to their new safe space.

In addition to tidying up the rooms around your home, consider the current AC and HVAC systems you have in place. Maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature can help your new family pet to adjust to living with you in a shorter period of time. If you want to ensure your HVAC system is up and running before you adopt a new dog, you can do so by searching for local HVAC companies and contractors that specialize in AC repair and ongoing maintenance.

Keep a Safe Driveway

Dogs love roaming around and spending time outdoors. If you intend to allow your dog outside with you or if you have extensive property outdoors, you can also prepare your home for a new dog by maintaining or updating your home’s driveway. Your driveway may be connected directly to your home or garage, meaning your dog will likely have easier access to it whenever he or she is let outside. Keeping a safe driveway will minimize the risk of falling into a pothole or even stepping on broken-up or crumbling asphalt whenever you are outside.

If you are dedicated to updating your home’s driveway, you will want to do so with the help of a professional. Working alongside a specialized asphalt contractor is essential whenever you are updating, paving, or replacing a driveway of any kind or size. Asphalt contractors understand the ins and outs of pouring asphalt and how to go about doing so in a way that is safe, effective, and optimized for the best outcome possible.

Let in Natural Light

Natural lighting in a home can instantly transform the environment and how you feel anytime you enter a room. Investing in more natural lighting can help your newly adopted dog to feel much more comfortable and at home. Providing your new canine friend with access to natural lighting throughout the home will also prevent them from feeling overly anxious or nervous, especially when they are first moving in with you and your family.

When you are in the market for new natural lighting options, it is best to turn to a professional window installer or contractor who is well-versed in residential and commercial windows today. Before settling on your decision, be sure to spend time researching window types to determine which look is ideal for your home and the amount of light you are trying to let into a particular room or space. From traditional bay windows to egress windows, there are many different types of windows that can help you to attract natural light throughout the entirety of your home with the right layout and design.

Earn Adequate Income

Taking care of a family pet requires the ability to pay for the food and healthcare your animal will need throughout its life. When you begin to prepare your home for a new dog, take some time to assess your current income level. This will help you to determine if it is the right time to adopt a dog. When reviewing your income level at the time, be sure to consider the type of food you will be purchasing for your canine and whether or not they may require medication, checkups, and visits to the vet semi-frequently. Bloodwork, scans, x-rays, and medications can also add up, especially if you are thinking of adopting a senior dog or another dog with special needs.

In order to ensure you can care for your new family pet, you should always verify your income ahead of time. If you are struggling with debts or if you are currently being garnished for a judgment, you may want to turn to a garnishment lawyer for proper legal representation. A garnishment attorney will work with you on your individual case to determine the best course of action to minimize garnishments and prevent too much money from being taken from you directly.

Make a Plan

Once you start to prepare your home for a new dog, you should make a plan to help coordinate what is the biggest priority around the house. Making a plan for your new pet will help you remain excited and optimistic about adding a new member to your family. Create a list of all of the items and types of foods you will need when adopting a new dog based on the type of dog you are interested in. You should also spend time familiarizing yourself with the various breeds of dogs you are most interested in as well to determine which is the right pick for you. Selecting a dog breed will depend on your personal level of activity, the maintenance you are interested in, as well as whether or not you currently have any children and babies in the home.

In addition to making a plan to care for your dog once you adopt it, you should also consider your own home plan based on your age and where you are in life. You may need to work with a professional retirement planner if you are thinking of adopting a new dog and you are close to retiring from your current position. A retirement planner will help you to determine which course of action is best to take when choosing a dog breed based on lifespan and activity level. Retirement planners can also assist you with sticking on the right track based on any career or life goals you have already set for yourself prior to adopting a new dog into the family home.

Give Your Pet Plenty of Room

If you truly want to prepare your home for a new dog, you can do so by giving them plenty of room to explore, run, and enjoy themselves. Limiting your new dog to a cage is not only heartbreaking, but it can be detrimental to the dog’s overall psyche and mental health. Before adopting a dog of any size or breed, consider the type of environment that is most suitable for their needs based on their lineage. It is always advisable to avoid adopting a dog if you do not have any outdoor space for them to run in and relax.

From a traditional sun room to an extensive backyard, there are many options to provide your dog with plenty of room to run around in. Spend time considering how your new dog will exert its energy before adopting it. This will ensure you choose a dog breed that is just right for the atmosphere you offer them at home.

Protect Fragile Objects

While you prepare your home for a new dog, it’s important to protect fragile objects, belongings, and furnishings. From antique signs to collectibles, protecting what you value is imperative, especially when you are in the process of introducing a new dog or puppy as a member of the family. Before finalizing the adoption of a new dog or family pet, be sure to create an inventory list of each room throughout your home. Walk through each space to determine what items may be at risk, especially if you are thinking of adopting a puppy or a dog with a breed that is considered more active and rambunctious.

When walking through each of the rooms in your home, take note of particularly fragile decor items, such as vases and other glass decorative objects. These should be moved to a safer space and placed much higher to ensure they are not accessible by any new dog you choose to adopt. You can also opt to store fragile objects in your attic, basement, or even in a dedicated storage location, depending on the size of your home and where you are currently residing.

Prepare for Accidents

Animal owners understand that at times, there will be accidents. In order to prepare your home for a new dog, you should prepare the surrounding carpets and environments for potential accidents. From tearing up a favorite pair of shoes to having bladder failure accidents while being potty-trained, dogs are prone to a variety of accidents and incidents that can occur anytime around the house.

Unfortunately, in some cases, animal bites can also require you to prepare for accidents ahead of time. If you adopt a dog breed that is known for protection and/or self-defense, it’s highly advisable to research the law in your area to determine the legal rights you have when it comes to owning your preferred breed. Working with a legal professional who specializes in the law surrounding dog ownership, bites, and self-defense cases can help you to determine what dog breed is right for you, your family, your needs, and the neighborhood you are currently residing in.

Protect Your Pet From Dangerous Objects

Similar to children, dogs, cats, and other small animals require constant supervision for optimal protection. If you want to protect your pet from dangerous objects, you will need to keep them clear from the floors and from other accessible areas that are easy for your new dog to reach. From glass vases and glass art to fragile household decor objects, it is best to keep these out of reach for any canine, regardless of the size and age of the dog.

Risks of Dangerous Objects to Dogs

Many dogs will attempt to eat, chew, or play with items that are not ideal or that can even result in injury or harm. If your new dog is unfamiliar with proper toys, they may choose to seek out other objects around the home that are much more dangerous and risky. Dogs chewing on glass can result in cuts, intestinal bleeding, and even life-threatening internal injuries. Protect your new dog by essentially babyproofing your entire home before finalizing your adoption.

Anytime you want to prepare your home for a new dog, taking the time to research the breed you are most interested in adding to your family is key. When you are familiar with your new family pet’s breed, its needs, as well as its own individual preferences, you can work to create an environment that is truly suitable for a new dog. The more time you take to consider your options and prepare your home ahead of time, the less likely you are to encounter issues that may result in needing to find your dog a new home.

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