The Case for Offering Pet Insurance for Your Employees



How pet insurance works

Americans are well known for loving their pets. We spend $20.4 billion every year on pet food, $12.56 billion on pet supplies and over the counter medications and $13.59 billion on vet care. There are more cats in the Unites States than in any other country. We have about 76.43 million of them. About 46% of all American homes have at least one dog. We clearly love our animals. For many of us, the idea of how pet insurance works remains a mystery. That is too bad because vet bills can be very expensive.

Now some people are suggesting employers offer pet health insurance plans for their employees. HR Diveandnbsp;took a look at the question and spoke to the CEO and cofounder of Healthy Paws Pet, Rob Jackson. They asked about how pet insurance works and all of the reasons companies may want to stat offering it as another benefit for their workers. Many employment experts say that people are more likely to stay at a job when they have the benefits that they need.

According to the interview, offering pet health insurance can be a great tool to recruit quality employees. Jackson says that because a lot of millennials are opting to put off having kids, their pets fill that void. This means caring for their animals has an increased importance. When younger people are looking for a new job, offering pet health insurance and giving information about how pet insurance works can be a selling point for the company.

Jackson went on to talk about how pet health insurance works. He says that pet insurance plans cover illnesses and accidents that are not expected. Vet bills today can rival medical bills that people pay for themselves. Different pet insurance policies cover different things. Some are more comprehensive than others.

For employees, there are a lot of benefits to having health insurance for their furry friends. It can mean that they take advantage of pet wellness plans and will be better at keeping up with their animal’s health needs. Advancements are being made in veterinary medicine in the same way they are in medicine for humans. Almost any procedure or test that can be done on a person can be done on a pet. Pet health insurance can help people do everything they can to keep their cats and dogs as healthy as possible for as long as possible. There is a certain amount of peace of mind that comes along with having pet health insurance.

When it comes to how pet insurance works, it is important to note that it is more simple than health insurance for people. A company that wants to offer this as a benefit to its employees only needs to sign up with a pet health insurance carrier and then inform their workers about the plan. Unlike health insurance for people that require open enrollments and a lot of paperwork to fill out, things are much different with pet health insurance. There is none of that hassle. Workers who want to take advantage of this benefit can go online and sign up. Their portion of the monthly premium can be billed directly.

When employees get their pet health insurance through their job, they should understand that the policy and the coverage is the same as if they got the coverage out on their own. What really differentiates the coverage people will get on their own and the coverage they will get through their job. The main reason getting it through work is a better deal is that most companies can get a better price for their workers.

There are some key differences between how human health insurance works and how pet insurance works. There are plans that do cover pet wellness plans but there are others that are limited to sudden illnesses and accidents. Unlike human health insurance which require people to only go to providers who are “in network,” all veterinarians are covered by most pet health insurance plans. It is often easier to submit a claim with pet health insurance. People can use their phone to file most claims for treatment for their cats or dogs,


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