Cat Owners, Keep These Toxic Foods and Plants Away From Your Felines!



Cat health

When you own pets, it’s important to maintain proper health care for your animals. Of course, pet health should be checked yearly by your veterinarian, and having dog or cat health insurance can ensure that you won’t be stuck with impossibly high animal care bills, should an accident occur. But cats are prone to hiding their health issues, and because we don’t speak the same language, problems can sometimes be hard to spot. To ensure the health of your cats, you need to pay close attention to their habits and any deviations from normal behavior.
It’s even more vital to contain a healthy, safe environment for your pet. You may love being surrounded by certain plants and your pets may like eating off your plate, but both of these situations can actually be very dangerous for your cat. If you want to keep your cat safe and sound, be sure to keep these toxic treats and poisonous plants out of your home. If you don’t, you’ll be putting them at risk and you may have to pay a lot more for health care for your animals.

  • Lilies
    You may love the look and smell of lilies, but these flowers are extremely poisonous to cats. Even just a bite from a petal or leaf can cause vomiting, and if the toxin is left untreated, your cat could suffer kidney failure within 12 hours. Take note: if your cat seems fine after throwing up the plant, do not assume she’s okay. She may seem to recover, but the effects of kidney failure can occur very suddenly. If your cat ingests any type of lily plant, take her to your emergency vet immediately. As a rule, never allow lilies in your home.
  • Onions
    Whether raw, cooked, or powdered, onions can cause harm to kitties. A very small dose may not hurt them, but a large one (or small amounts built up over time) can actually break down her red blood cells and cause anemia. Chives and garlic can also cause digestive issues. If you’re keen to feed your cat something from your own pantry, make sure it’s free of these veggies.
  • Chocolate
    Just like with dogs, chocolate is toxic to cats. Most cats won’t have much of an interest in it to begin with, but if it’s mixed with something they find delicious, they could gobble it up. All kinds of chocolate are poisonous for cats, but the dark and unsweetened varieties are actually the worst for them. If a cat ingests chocolate, she could experience abnormal heart rhythms, tremors, or even seizures. Cats can die from chocolate consumption, and because they are generally smaller animals, it wouldn’t take much to do so. If you’re enjoying a chocolate treat, be sure your kitty doesn’t get into it!
  • Meat Fat
    Your cat may cry for table scraps, but that doesn’t mean you should feed them chicken, turkey, or beef from your own plate. Fat from meats can lead to upset tummies, diarrhea, and vomiting. If you do give them a piece of your food, make sure it’s free of fat. In general though, stick to healthy treats made especially for cats; many contain both healthy meats and nutritious veggies their bodies can digest.
  • Tulips and Hyacinths
    Spring is on its way, and some of the first beautiful blooms of the season include tulips and hyacinths. Both make their way into bouquets and gardens during this time of year. Even if your cat is strictly an indoor feline, you need to make sure there’s no way she can nibble on these plants. While they smell lovely and look enticing, they can cause diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, increased heart and respiratory rate, tissue irritation and breathing difficulties. If you bring these spring flowers indoors, you’ll have to keep them where your cat can’t jump up and have a snack of them.

To maintain excellent health care for your animals, be sure to keep all toxic plants and foods out of your home. And while not every event can be prevented, having health care for your animals in the form of pet insurance will allow you to pursue treatment in the event of an emergency.

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