Feeding Your Dog Properly For Optimal Health



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Approximately 46,300,000 households own a dog. The annual cost of owning a dog is typically $1,135, and that includes the possible prices to the vet hospital and dog food. Some families skimp on the dog food brand they purchase because they figure if their dog doesn’t have a reaction to it, they’re fine. However, it’s worth it to check out the ingredients in the dog food and browse quality brands to ensure the fillers are kept to a minimum. Additionally, some people may find that if they feed their dogs properly, they may reduce their spending on dog food.

Proper Feeding Schedule
Puppies that are eight weeks old to 12 weeks old need to eat four meals per day. Once a dog reaches one year old, just one meal per day is plenty. Several families are overfeeding their pets, unintentionally. Although it may seem like you’re doing the right thing, leaving a food dish out isn’t recommended. The only dish that should be left out all day is a water dish for your dog.

Expensive Vs Cheap Brands of Dog Food
You’ve seen cheap brands of dog food and several bags of expensive dog food. Like most people, you may reach for the cheapest dog food. It doesn’t make you a bad pet owner, but there’s something you should know about that cheap dog food. The cheaper you pay means the cheaper that bag of food is made. Some dogs may be okay with the food, but many dogs need a more quality-enriched food. Checking in with your local Waynesboro veterinary clinic can give you more insight on suggested dog food brands that may be more appropriate for your pet’s diet.

Check-Ups Are Crucial
Some families struggle to bring their dog to the vet. In fact, over 29% of dog owners who rarely bring their dog to the vet state they can’t afford it. It’s important to put money aside to bring your dog to your local vet hospital to ensure their health is on the right track. Not to mention, you can determine your pet’s health if the food you’re currently feeding them is ideal for them.

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