Caring for the Teeth of Your Dog What to Know



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You likely have your own special morning routine. Brushing your teeth is one of the most important parts of anyone’s day. However, it is hard to know how healthy your dog’s teeth are. Over 46 million houses contain dogs which show how loved these animals are. Of course, these animals can’t directly communicate any teeth problems. Therefore, owners are encouraged to regularly monitor the dental health of their pet to help avoid pet surgery. In this post, you will learn how to ensure your dog’s teeth are in great shape.

  • Choose the Right Chewable Treats: If your dog seems to always be chewing on a treat, that isn’t a bad thing. A dog spending time on chewing a rawhide is helping their teeth. A treat, like a rawhide, can scrape collected plague off of a dog’s teeth while they chew away. What makes these treats great for dental health is that a dog will never know they are cleaning their teeth! Recent research shows that 80 percent of dogs show signs of dental problems by three. Untreated dental problems can sometimes lead to an oral pet surgery. However, many modern facilities will make pet surgery a relatively quick process.
  • Inspecting the Teeth: It might seem like a daunting task but you will want to check your dog’s teeth closely when inspecting. Certain breeds may not welcome any fingers near their mouth. It is important to start with a treat or something on your finger that the dog would enjoy licking off. You don’t want to make any sudden movements when in or near the dog’s mouth. You shouldn’t be expected to understand exactly what teeth problems, if any, your dog may have. You will want to look for general signs of declining teeth health including discoloration, decay, and inflammation. Any signs of a pet emergency may need to be taken care of at an animal medical center.
  • Brushing when Possible: The success that you will have with brushing your dog’s teeth will depend on a few factors. One factor is if this animal has had their teeth brushed before. Humans have become so used to brushing their teeth that we often don’t give the process a second thought. However, dogs will need time to adjust to their owner trying to place a foreign instrument near their mouth. Let your dog get accustomed to the toothbrush and you can plan a brushing schedule.
  • Call a Vet: You may run into instances where you aren’t sure what condition your dog’s teeth are in. Calling a veterinarian is often wise to get an expert’s opinion. Veterinary services keep your dog in great health, especially in older dogs. A study found that vets suggest older pets should have checkups two times per year. Veterinarians are able to see signs of a pet emergency and can get treatment methods started as soon as possible.
  • In closing, a dog could have their fair share of dental problems like humans can. There are steps to take in order to reduce dental health problems for your dog. Chewable treats, like rawhides and softer bones, are great to help scrape excess plaque from your dog’s mouth. Inspecting your dog’s teeth a home is a great idea. You’ll want to give your dog time to adjust to their mouth and teeth being inspected. If possible, brushing daily or a few times per week is great for caring for your dog’s teeth at home. Read more. Find out more here.

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