How to prepare your pet for a boarding experience



Pet owners face a challenging dilemma when planning vacations. How to prepare their pet for a boarding experience? The Animal Humane Society’s video above provides some helpful tips especially for those who are new to the boarding experience. The first step is to get your pet familiar with your absence. You can accomplish this by simply leaving your pet alone for some time each day, preferably with a favorite toy. If you are still concerned, then setting up an overnight stay with your kennel will allow your pet to become familiar with the setting.

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It also gives the staff a chance to observe your pet. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toy or bed. Still anxious. Mary Pippin, head of Animal House Boarding states that owners are often more anxious than their pets. Pets often calm down once the owner leaves. One technique staff usually use to get pets to relax is to engage them in their favorite activity such as going for a walk or brushing them. For more tips about boarding your pet for the holidays, call the Animal Humane Society behavioral health line mentioned at the video’s conclusion.

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