Explaining Dog Neutering



If you are getting a new male dog or have recently adopted one, you may be considering getting him neutered. It’s also possible that your vet is recommending neutering, but you’re not sure why or if it’s worth it. What exactly is neutering and why would it be necessary to neuter a dog? In this video, a vet will explain the risks and benefits of neutering to help you gain a better understanding of this procedure and make an informed decision.

The vet will start off by explaining the differences she sees between neutered and non-neutered dogs. Certain medical issues could result, especially if a dog is neutered too early because it will affect their growth.

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You will learn about some other considerations to keep in mind. Then the vet will explain the benefits of neutering. Neutering can remove other types of health risks, such as certain cancers. There are also environmental concerns that neutering can help with, such as overpopulation. Remember, you can take your time to make a decision.


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