Animal Testing Procedures Are Important to the Food Industry of this Nation



Food tasting safety companies provide a valuable service. In a rather strange comparison, heartworm tests also serve an important service. In fact, both humans and animals rely on scientific studies and equipment to make sure that they are able to stay healthy. Veterinary laboratory services and medical research facilities provide the necessary testing to make sure that you are able to keep yourself, and your pets as healthy as possible.

From heartworm test kits to the clinical diagnostics laboratories that are full of researchers and scientists who provide important services to the entire country. In fact some of the latest food safety testing labs play an essential role in the economy of the entire nation. If people can be secure in the knowledge that the food that they are eating is safe, there are various implications that can become problematic.

Contract Laboratory Services Are Important Parts of the Safety of the Food We Eat and the Care We Provide Our Pets

The same testing procedures that are used to make sure that the food humans eat is safe, it the same technology that is also used to provide the necessary care for making sure that animals are safe, both our pets and the animals that provide the protein that we need. Consider some of these important facts and figures about the testing industry and the role that it plays to make sure that animals remain healthy and disease free:

  • 1 One million dogs are estimated to be heartworm positive in the U.S. every year.
  • During a feverish episode, one-fifth of a teaspoon of blood from a chronic case of equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) contains enough virus to infect 10,000 horses.
  • When horses are exposed to EIAV, they may develop severe, acute signs of disease and die within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Heartworm treatment can cost up to $1,000 which makes giving a monthly preventive a bargain in comparison.
  • Although infected dogs may have 30 or more worms in their lungs and heart, cats usually have six or fewer, and some may have just one or two.
  • Although the severity of heartworm disease in dogs is related to the number of worm, in cats, just one or two worms can make a cat very ill.

The safety of the food that we eat is essential to the health of the nation, so it only makes sense that it is necessary to make sure that the best laboratory services are available.

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