Socialization Equals a Happier Puppy



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Americans prefer dogs by a wide margin. The actual figures are about 70% prefer dogs, while only 20% are cat lovers. While dog owners are in good company then, their beloved pets may not be. Only about 41% of dog owners have more than one dog. A puppy is of course a handful, but its behavior should not be the metric for determining if you can handle another dog. Dog breeders know that a puppy needs to be socialized to be truly happy and healthy.

When you leave for work, do you wonder what your dog gets up to while you are gone?The lives of our pets revolve around us, especially if they are confined indoors while we are away. Judging by the excited behavior dogs exhibit upon our return, it is not a stretch to wonder if dogs get lonely when everyone is gone and they are left alone. Dog behavior experts insist that socializing is not difficult. Only 20 minutes a day of doggy socialization, or the equivalent of a walk, can cure a puppy’s loneliness.

What can you do, peruse an online dog dating site?It can after all be difficult to regularly meet other dogs on daily walks. All too often, you will come across another dog that is not properly socialized and shows aggression to other dogs. An interaction of this kind is not good at relieving your dog’s loneliness. Unless you are able to regularly visit a dog park, it may be necessary to take other measures.

A dating site for dogs may sound a little odd, but it has its merits. Curing the loneliness of your puppy may drive you to seek unconventional means, especially if it proves convenient in the long run. But sometimes, seeking out another dog is about more than socialization. Spaying and neutering are recommended for all dogs, but what if you are a conscientious pet owner who wants something different?

Sometimes, a person has done all of their homework and has decided to undertake a uniquely difficult job: that of a dog breeder. Having a purebred puppy is only half of the equation of course. The problem is finding a mate for your dog. Pet dating is an odd pursuit, but a necessary one for dog breeders who have one beloved pet but no desire to have a pair. A pet dating site can be a convenient method in finding an appropriate match for your pooch, but with a backup plan.

Having a pet, especially a puppy, is an exercise in the unexpected. Their destructive qualities are perhaps equally matched by their adoration. It is important to remember that a pet is a living thing, needing stimulation and varied company. Doing the unexpected to accomplish this is perfectly acceptable.

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