Simple, Natural, and Easy Ways to Reduce Dry Skin on Cats Without Harsh Chemicals



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What do you think your body’s largest organ is? It’s not the brain, or the liver, or even the large intestine. But if you guessed the skin, then you’re absolutely right! Human skin is the body’s largest organ and plays an integral role in the health and well being of the body itself by protecting it from infection, regulating body temperature, and acting as a barrier to the outside world. The same goes for animals, though many species have the advantage of having an extra layer of fur.

Whether you have an autoimmune disorder such as eczema or psoriasis, naturally dry and sensitive skin, or the harsh conditions of winter cause your skin to look and feel more lackluster than normal, everyone knows the itchy, uncomfortable, and flat out frustrating feeling of dry skin all too well. Dry skin can make you feel like someone else other than yourself, which in turn can affect your overall mood and sense of self. Not only is it really uncomfortable and may even be unsightly, but dry skin can also open your skin up to the infection, which can be very dangerous.

Allergic reactions can also trigger a bout of dry skin and also lead to incessant itching and burning. Again, this opens the body up to an increased risk of infection which in turn can lead to many other health problems. An allergic reaction can also lead to post-inflammatory scarring, which darker skin tones are especially prone to.

Although humans commonly suffer from all these annoying symptoms, did you know itchy skin in dogs and cats is also equally common? Dog and cat skin allergies are a lot like human skin allergies, with common conditions being atopic dermatitis and eczema. Just like with humans, skin irritation on dogs and cats can lead to discomfort, flaking, and an increased risk of infection.

So what’s the best way to address and treat dry skin on cats and dogs? The same you treat dry skin on humans; increase water intake, use emollient and moisture rich products to soothe the skin and minimize itch, and switch to gentle natural and organic cleansers. Did you know that many of your favorite body and skin care products such as body wash and soap contain many of the same ingredients as dish soap and laundry detergent? That’s right! Many body washes, soaps, and cleaners, have the same chemical make up as the dish soap you use to wash your dishes.

The sulfate that gives these harsh cleaners their bubbly appearance and lather is also a harsh irritant on skin, especially sensitive skin that’s prone to dryness and itching. People with these kinds of skin conditions should avoid products with sulfate and other harsh chemical additives that can make their symptoms worse. Similarly, pets with skin allergies should also do the same! Listen up pet owners!

A great way to reduce dry skin on cats and dogs naturally is to being using natural pet products and shampoos with gentle, organic ingredients that are easy on your pet’s skin and easy on the environment as well. Many times, dry skin on cats and dogs can be dramatically reduced just by taking this simple step. It’s an excellent way to keep your pet both comfortable and clean! As with human with dry skin, be sure to use warm or cool water to bathe your pet instead of hot water, which can dry skin out even more and exacerbate existing symptoms.

As with humans, moisture is key to reducing the symptoms of dry, flaking skin. Increasing your water intake is a great and easy way to do this, and the same goes for your cat or dog. Dry skin on cats and dogs can be reduced by increasing your pet’s water intake. This includes always making sure they have access to fresh, clean spring water and encouraging them to drink more with frozen treats. You should also regularly apply powerful natural moisturizers such as organic coconut oil, which is naturally antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and very soothing. You can even give it to your pet orally!

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