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Horse riding is a popular activity within the United States. It’s been estimated that seven million individuals ride horses every year. While some people may do so to relax and enjoy the outdoors, others perform or otherwise show their horses in a variety of amateur and professional competitions.

A Few Facts About Horses

A horse’s weight may vary and depend on a variety of factors. It’s interesting to note that this can be as much as 2,200 pounds. There are both domestic and non-domestic horses within this country. For example, there are roughly 400 different breeds of domestic horses, which are classified as grazers. More than 400 years ago, horses were brought here from Europe. One of the descendants of these horses is the North American Mustang, which is not considered to be a domestic horse.

Injuries That Can Occur With Horses

When a horse has experienced an injury, one of the first indications may be their posture. A horse might, for example, shift its weight from side-to-side. Other indicators that a horse has sustained an injury include its refusing to move or bear the weight of a saddle and/or rider.

Bowed tendons are just one type of issue that can occur with horses. The cause of this may be due to chronic stress or an injury. While the time to fully heal will vary, it may take as much as eight to 11 months.

Learn More About Therapy Products for Horses

There are a variety of products that you may be interested in, such as a therapy blanket for horses. In addition to a therapy blanket for horses, you may want to know more about these and other products:

  • Horse blanket liner
  • Horse hock boots
  • Horse leg boots
  • Horse shoulder guard

Since you want your horse to be as comfortable as possible, you can discuss his or her needs with a representative. At that time, you will be able to ask specific questions and gain more valuable information about therapy products for horses. It’s also a good idea to learn more about these products for future reference and to share information with fellow horse owners, family and friends.

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