Everything You Need to Know About Getting an Emotional Support Animal



It is no doubt that from a psychological perspective, pets have been found to uplift people’s spirits-especially those with emotional or mental disorders. The challenge however is that certain communities, workplaces and even when trying to fly with your pet, you encounter some restrictions as such tendencies are not allowed. Fortunately, people with emotional disorders can legally qualify for certified emotional support animal. Your emotional status must first be certified by a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist before you can enjoy the rights of esa owners. So what is an esa letter? First, the letter must be drafted by a metal health medical practitioner and should be written on the professional’s letterhead that includes the license, license number, date of issuance and the licensing state. Other important details include the date of issuance of the letter to the patient. Below are the steps for qualifying for an esa letter.

See a Mental Health Professional for Diagnosis
Without proper diagnosis, it is less likely that you will be issued with a legitimate emotional support animal registration that allows you to fly with your pet. Once a diagnosis is made and it is established that you suffer from depression, severe anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, then you are eligible for esa application where you are allowed by law to bring along an emotional support animal to places where such pets are prohibited. You can fly with your pet or even take it to the workplace or in apartments where pets are not allowed.

Request for an Emotional Support Animal Letter
Whereas it is not mandatory that you register your emotional support animal, laws surrounding esa ownership require that you have a letter from a mental health professional confirming your mental health status. It is this letter that helps you navigate some of the restrictions relating to pet ownership including the ones that do not allow you to fly with your pet. The letter should state that you have a mental health disorder and that the emotional support animal assists you to cope with your condition. For the letter to be authenticated, it must have the mental health professional’s letterhead, license information and the date it was issued to the patient.

Pick a Preferred Pet
Picking a pet is almost as easy as it sounds but could pose a serious challenge to some people. Ideally, an emotional support animal does not require any specialized training to be classified as such. The pet is there for emotional support and just its mere presence is adequate. Any animal that tickles your fancy can become an emotional support animal. There are no regulations regarding the species that you choose. Most people often go for dogs, cats, miniature horses and hamsters. All these will work effectively as long as their existence does not affect other people. It is recommended that whereas there are no restrictions when it comes to choice and preference of emotional support animals, you must also be reasonable enough on the choices you make. You cannot pick less common animals and still expect everyone to be okay with it. Some airlines can only allow you to fly with your pet as an emotional support animal if it is a dog. It is assumed by law that the airline is at liberty to choose what animals to allow into the cabin.

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