The Benefits of Pets for the Elderly Are Important and Effective



Pets and elderly

We have all heard that it is beneficial to senior citizens if they have a pet with them. But have you ever heard any actual concrete facts about the benefits of pets for the elderly? Getting pets for seniors is more than just giving them something to pet occasionally, it is also known as pet therapy for the elderly for a reason. You see, pets and the elderly can share a symbiotic relationship in which both benefit greatly.

When looking at pets for elderly citizens, you can find facts that apply to anyone owning a pet, but there are also senior specific benefits as well. For instance, having a pet nearby to love and pet relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and heart rate. This benefit can be enjoyed by anyone owning a pet, but it helps the elderly even more. It has been found that giving pets for elderly therapy actually reduces doctor visits by just over 20 percent.

Depression is greatly decreased in pet owners, and the elderly are more likely to suffer from it. The elderly are never alone with a pet in the house, and they can feel constant reassurance and affection. It has be found that it is easier for the elderly to make friends when they have a pet, and it is much easier for them to stay active and inspired to keep moving with an animal.

Seniors have been known to take better care of themselves when they have a pet, as they now have a renewed sense of responsibility. New responsibility and a fresh purpose can do wonders for the morale of a senior, as those are the leading causes of loneliness and depression. And they even feel much safer with an animal in the house.

In surveys of the elderly with pets, 95 percent admitted to talking to their pet. Which I do and I am only 28. Just over 80 percent of the elderly said that their pet helps them when they feel sad. When they feel physically unwell, 71 percent claimed that their pet helps them to feel better. And 65 of the elderly surveyed claimed that just touching their pet makes them feel better.

Anyone who grew up with pets can appreciate what the presence of a loving dog or cat can do. Just imagine the benefits multiplied ten fold with the elderly, as they rely on that pet and their interactions even more. On top of all of that, pets for elderly folk also helps to save the animals. Far too many animals are euthanized in shelters every year because people are irresponsible with their pets or do not want to adopt an older animal. But that dog or cat that has matured past puppy or kitten is the perfect age for the senior citizen in need of companionship without the added responsibility of dealing with a full time ball of energy like a baby.

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