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How To Care For An Ailing Pet

Owning a pet can be an amazing experience. For the typical pet owner here in the United States, pets bring a considerable amount of joy. They can also give you companionship and friendship as well, factors that convince many people to get one. Dogs in particular are common, especially labs, who have been the most popular dog for five years now. In total, nearly half of all homes in the United States (very nearly 45% of them, to be a little bit more exact) have a dog of some breed, and many homes will even have more than one dog or more than one pet in general.

While owning a dog is certainly a wonderful experience, there are most definitely many responsibilities that are part and parcel to responsible and loving pet ownership. Feeding your dog the best food possible, for instance, and ensuring that they don’t over eat is part of it. Providing them with plenty of exercise and movement – especially for certain breeds of dogs, usually larger ones – is also essential and will even he Continue Reading

Does Your Pet Love or Hate Halloween Time?

Now that the holiday that celebrates both tricks and treats is finally over, there are many pet owners who are dealing with the both the struggle and the joy of Halloween. If you are the fortunate owner of a dog that lets you dress him or her up in the most adorable of costumes, then you are likely a little sad to put all of the Halloween finery away. If, however, you are a dog owner who has a pet that stresses every time the doorbell rings or someone walks in front of the house, you are likely ready for a more calm first week of November.
If you believe everything that you see on the internet you might be tempted to think that every single dog is just dying to don a frilly frock or funky fedora and parade around. In fact, by the number of adorable Halloween pet videos that have been posted in the last month, you might feel like even your feline needs to up her game. For every pet who is posing for the camera, however, there are many more who want nothing to do with any kind of cos Continue Reading

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