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Benefits of Pets for the Elderly

Pets for elderly

One of the best companions for the elderly is pets. Pets for seniors can have a number of benefits on the health and well being of the person in question.

The benefits of pets for the elderly are not in question. They provide companionship, purpose and a sense of security for the elderly. They do not even have to be elderly pets, either, but pets of any age are perfect companions for seniors.

Pet therapy for the elderly has served an excellent purpose since its inception. There are not always people that can be trained to do the things pets can do, which is just providing a friendly comfort at all times.

People are great companions, of that there is no doubt. But pets and the elderly have had relationships that rival that of the best human friends. Pets are always loyal, always provide a happy, calming presence and can even notify people if something terrible happens to their elderly companion.

Hiring around the clock service for the elderly can be expensive, as can other things that compensate for their inability to do certain things. But pets for the elderly are a cheap alternative. While the pets cannot cook food or take care of the elderly, there is no doubt they can provide the companionship that spurs seniors to live for a better purpose.

Pets for seniors can improve brain function, keep the elderly active and provide constant physical comfort and companionship, at little to no cost. Some pets are specially bred to be companions to the elderly.

At the end of the day, therapy pets for seniors is a viable alternative to live in care, and can have some outstanding benefits.

Benefits of Pets for the Elderly

Pets for seniors

There has been significant research that shows that pets and elderly benefit from each other. In fact, their are many benefits of pets for the elderly.

A Brooklyn College clinical research project found that having a pet was the strongest social predictor that a discharged health patient would survive. Essentially they found a direct health benefit between pets and elderly.

In terms of other health benefits, owning a pet can contribute to lower blood pressure. It is as though the pet has a direct effect on blood pressure through their natural companionship. A lower blood pressure as a result of pets and elderly owners also translates into a lower pulse rate. Pets and elderly cohabiting also translates into 21 percent less doctor visits.

Pets for elderly adults also report less depression. To extrapolate that idea, it probably means that lowering depression can also lengthen their lives when facing issues of increased age. This may be especially true that pets for seniors are a good idea when they have lost a loved one.

Pet therapy for the elderly can translate into increased social opportunities. Just by interacting with pets can make it easier to make friends among pets and elderly. Pets are known to offer unconditional love and affection that is seemingly passed along to seniors in their day to day lives.

Pets and elderly also may have a correlation from increased activity. Interacting with pets can influence seniors to become more active, and that translates into greater health benefits as well. While not all elderly are able to walk their pets any distance, the pets and elderly do maintain a certain level of activity that is beneficial.

Seniors generally seem to take better care of themselves when pets and elderly are together. They have a higher sense of responsibility and security in their duties to their pet. This also helps to fight off loneliness and the accompanying depression that they may experience from living alone.

Pets for the Elderly

Pet therapy for the elderly

There are many benefits of pets for the elderly, and pet therapy for the elderly and disabled is becoming very popular in certain spheres. Pets for elderly inpatients, nursing home residents, shutins, or assisted living residents can provide a sense of joy and need that elderly people often lack. Especially when seniors are institutionalized because their families cannot or will not care for them, they are often plagued by loneliness and feelings of being unwanted and unnecessary. By bringing in pets for seniors in homes to play with or take care of, it allows the elderly to feel that they have a sense of purpose and to give them a pastime and the ability to create a relationship with another living being.

The relationship between pets and elderly does more than fulfill a relational necessity, as pets for elderly rehab patients or handicapped individuals can be trained to assist in simple daily activities, just like guide dogs for the blind. There are some pets that are trained for simple activities, such as leading the adult through a crowded store, and some can be trained to help with other daily activities, such as turning on lights and retrieving medication. Many studies show that these relationships between pets and elderly patients can not only fulfill physical and emotional needs, but that these pets for elderly people can help to alleviate some chronic health problems such as depression, high blood pressure, and more.

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